Logo tips

What you should know before creating a logo for your business

When I do a logo for a company, these are the questions I ask before I start working on the project.
We either do it together or I send them, and we talk about the answers.

• Describe in one sentence your business/service

• What are your business goals/visions?

• What are your values?

• What are the reasons you want a (new) logo?

• What do you want your new logo to achieve?

• Who are your main competitors and how do you differ from them?

• What do you like or dislike about your competitor’s branding?

• Who are your potential clients?

• Describe your dream client

• Do you have a specific idea in mind for your logo? And why?

• What colours do you think your brand? And why?

• Any important aspects in the company’s history that could play into the logo?

When all these questions have been answered you should have an idea what is important to you and your business. And also why.
And maybe you have a totally new direction you want to go for the logo than you originally thought.

king and looking on his pc

Photo by Lorenz Lippert

If you want to have a chat about a logo or visual identity, contact me and lets talk.