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I believe in making designs with self-made pieces.
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Tine Raisbæk runs an established kayaking business.  has kayak courses, safaris and more.
She is now at that point where branding is needed, since she is starting to collaborate with other touristing businesses.

She wanted a logo that conveyed the experience of her business and the kayaking.
Her target customer are private people wanting to get into kayaking and tourists. She also wants businesses and private parties, doing different events.

"Much thanks to the dialog with Ann, who guided me through the design process I am now proud of how I present myself and my brand - and throughout this first year with things have really started to happen and I am excited about the road ahead."
- Tine raisbæk, - logo on a pictutre of water
Photo Tine Raisbæk
Ideas and first draft
First idea
Final idea
Logo suggestionLogo suggestionLogo suggestionLogo suggestion
I started with an idea to make something of what you see when in a kayak, the sun, water, and the shore.  The colours I chose to simulatethe colours of the sea, sky, sun, and cliffs surrounding the kayaker.
The typeface I customised to get a sporty and classy impression. finished logo stacked finished logo long version
In my eager to show the lovely experience I had forgotten the kayak a bit.
The client loved one of my versions, but really wanted a kayak in it so back to the drawingboard I went. We discussed a few options that was a much better fit with her wishes, and we were almostthere...But then way into the process, a whole new path presented itself from a burst of inspiration. This new version was an immediate hit with Tine and only needed a few tweaks.
This symbol is all about the kayak, a long way from the original idea. But it still represents more the experience and feelinfs, instead of beeing a picture of a kayaker.

Collaboration logo - illustrations - marketing

A free digital homework assistance page.

This organisation was started as a group on Facebook during the Covid-19 outbreak 2020. I am part of the team that voluteered to make this into a online platform, so it could continue to help student all over the country with their homework, motivation and sence of achevement. logo
Course illustrations
Misc. illustrations
Socialmedia video
Chemistry illustration for course page - H2O molecules, test tube and flask
Italian illustration for course page - pasta
PE/sports illustration for course page - bouncing ball
Biology illustration for course page - Dna strand and leafes
History illustration for course page - sign pointing to the future and the past
Electro illustration for course page - Ohm and high voltage symbols
Geography illustration for course page - Globe
English illustration for course page - Iconic London buss
French illustration for course page - croissant and beret
Physics illustration for course page - apple falling
Since we were more than one designer on this project, we decided on an style of illustration that we all could do.
Keeping it simple, modern and humours were we could play a bit.
I made this video as a part of our campain to let students know how to find us.

The music is from AnalogStøy, Hymn 2.

Analog støy

LOGO - Artwork - typography

Analog Støyis a melodic ambient and electronic producer.
His production includes original material as well as remixes. Inspired of electronic music from the 70s & 80s as well as more contemporary music. Mostly in genres such as ambient, electronic, and melodic house.

"I enjoyworking with Ann. She gets my ideas and makes it into something stunning that suits me and my music. She always gives her hart to her work."

Light purple background with white smoke and a luminescent fregmented sphere in white, yellow and orange with logo
Making the logo
Artwork for music
Custom type
single cover, light purple background with white smoke and a luminescent fregmented sphere in white, yellow and orange with titleSingle cover dark blue background with colourfull planets and triangles Single cover, dark burgundy bacground with wavy variations of burgundy hills. Three lines are shooting from the sky comming towards the front over the hills ending in one pink, yellow and blue bright lightSingle cover, red with black and red lines and white smokeLight grey sigle cover with white smoke for analogstøy to make mix covers with
When we started working together, he also needed graphicsfor his Facebook page and his first single on Spotify. For his covers he wanted something inspired from Sci-Fi. These are the cover art pieces I made for his music.
I also made the lettering for his artwork.
The type was given the name “Ambient sans”.

I started working on it as the logotype, and even though it didn’t win for the logo, we both loved it so much that I made the full alphabet so I could set his titles with it.

Draaben bar

cocktail Menus - event posters

While I was working as a bartender at this place, I became the inhouse designer for posters and menus.
I was artistically free to do what I wanted and had the possibilityto play with different expressions which was great fun for me.

For all my designs I tried to work with the feelings we wanted our customers to have.

Drawings of cocktailglasses
Cocktail menus
Event and concert posters
Summer menu 2018 yellow border with tropical flowers as decoration around the menu
Summer cocktail menu 2018
cocktail menu with colourfull border decorated with the significant fruits and spices that give flawours to the cocktails
Winter cocktail menu 2018 decorated with the different ingredients in the cocktails.
Menu with light red splashes and spatter as a background for red wine
Menu series of wine, red wine.
Menu with warm-yellow splashes and spatter as a background for sparkling wine
Menu series of wine, sparkling wine.
Poster for cocktail tasting winter season. Brick wall with a fire infront of it and a tble with empty cocktail glasses
For a seasonal cocktail tasting event, winter edition.
Poster summer cocktail tasting, light turquoise background with colorfull foilage in the corners with cocktail glasses in the middle
For a seasonal cocktail tasting event, summer edition.
Poster "Easter jam" hand written title and hand drawn bunny playing the piano
Easter concert poster, hand-drawn.
Informational poster about the openinghours for christmas 2018.
Poster for Norways constitution day, a blue vase filled with springgreen branches and a Norwegian flag
17th of May is Norway’s constitution day. The bar opened early that one day and this was the poster about that one year.

Ensemble di Nuovo

Concert posters

I used to sing in this ensemble and the last years I sang there I was their designer also.

"spring with Edvard Grieg" poster in store window
Concert posters
Poster "Merry christmas" red and yellow gradient background, with a christmas tree on the side and swirls of stars.
For this concert we were visited by an orchestra from Lithuania.
The theme were Christmas in several languages as the title entail.
I focused on the colours of the Norwegian and Lithuanian flag, red, blue, white, yellow, and green
Poster "Summertime" white background with colourfull spashes in bring colours, title containing summerskies with clouds
Summertime was a jazz concert held in a sculpture park.
Art and jazz go hand in hand so colour splashes suited the theme.
Poster "Spring with Edvard Grieg" warm yellow background with broad teal-blue border. White title with norwegian wild flowers and foliage
In 2018 Edward Grieg would have been 175 years.
The concert was named after his song “Spring”.
The colours are from paintings in the national romantic genre.
Poster "Noël" dark blue winter-scene depicting a hill with trees and a christmas decorated house
This Christmas concert had the feel of winter nights and mystery, so for me a dark blue felt natural.
But Christmas is also very cosy so needed a nice Christmas house and some gold to.